Tubular and Foam-Filled Gasket Weather Stripping



Generally, the only kind of weather stripping that can be applied to metal windows is the pressure-sensitive type. Screws would go through the metal and impede movement of the window. To install, apply weather stripping to top of upper sash (if it is movable) and to bottom of lower sash. These are usually the only spots where metal windows allow for air movement. If you find any other gaps, attach a vinyl tubular gasket to the area with a special adhesive formulated to hold vinyl to metal.

Tubular gasket weather stripping is made of extremely flexible vinyl. It is usually applied outside where it easily conforms to uneven places. Foam-filled tubular gasket weather stripping includes a foam core in the tubular part of the gasket. The foam provides extra insulating qualities and extra strength. Both types should not be painted.


Tubular types of weather stripping are unsightly. They are best used when installed on the outside of the window. If the window is easily accessible from outside the house, then tubular weather stripping is worth considering. It can also be used to improve existing weather stripping. Here's how to install tubular and foam-filled gasket weather stripping:

Step 2: Position each strip carefully and drive nail into one end. Space nails every 2 to 3 inches, pulling weather stripping tight before you drive each nail.Most metal windows are grooved around the edges so the metal flanges will interlock and preclude the need for weather stripping. Sometimes, though, gaps do exist, and you must apply weather stripping in such instances.

On the next page, we'll discuss techniques for installing different types of weather stripping onto doors and sliding windows.


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