pp siliconnylon aluminium soundproof weather pile strip seal


pp silicon nylon aluminium soundproof weather pile strip seal

weather pile strip seal

pp silicon nylon aluminium soundproof weather pile strip seal

1. Material: NBR, Silicone, BR, NR, EPDM, PVC, etc.  
2. Shape: strip & as per the drawings  
3. Good flexibility, anti-aging, anti-Ozone  
4. Durable and long service life  
5. Customized as per requirement  
Item   NR   SBR   NBR   Neoprene   Silicone   Viton   EPDM  
Hardness(shore A)   40-85   45-85   10-85   50-80   40-75   70-80   40-85  
Tense strength(Mpa)   3-20   2-10   3-20   3-10   6-10   6-8   3-15  
Elongation(%)   200-650   200-450   200-500   200-500   200-700   100   200-500  
Specific gravity   1.1-1.6   1.4-1.7   1.1-1.6   1.3-1.7   1.2-1.4   1.9   1.4-1.6  
Termperature   -75~90   -60~100   -50~120   -50~120   -120~260   -50~300   -60~150  













silicone pile weather strip

  base : 4-90m


height :3-35mm

  100% PP with silicone   sliding doors & widows  



non-silicone pile weather strip with straight hair

  base : 4-90m


height :3-35mm   100% PP   aluminum doors & windows  



non-siliconepile weather stripwith puffing hair

  base : 4-90mm


height :3-35mm   100% PP   wooden doors & windows  



pile weather stripwith fin

  base:4-90mm height :3-35mm   100% PP with plastic fin   glass doors &windows  



pile weather strip with adhesive 

  base: 4-90mm   height :3-35mm   100% PP with 3M tape , green tape and white tape    shower doors&windows  


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