weather seal brush,Weather Stripping


weather seal brush,Weather Stripping


name:door ,window bottom strip brush
hair material:nylon, PP, steel wire, stainless steel wire or other
base material:aluminum, rubber, algam or other
size support customized
usage door and window sealing brush, elevator safety brush etc
The specification, size and texture of bristles, bases and fastening wires and aluminum alloy bars all accord with the standards of relative countries and industries. No pollution, deformation, corrosion or fracture. The diameters of bristles are uniform.

We have different sizes that can fit most customers’ demand.Items of products

Item   W(base width)    H(pile height)    T(thickness)  
1#    5±0.2mm    4-30mm    0.7±0.2mm  
2#    6±0.2mm    4-30mm    0.7±0.2mm  
3#    7±0.2mm    4-30mm    0.7±0.2mm  
4#    8±0.2mm    4-30mm    0.7±0.2mm  
5#    11±0.2mm    4-30mm    0.7±0.2mm

Technology of  weather seal brush,Weather Stripping
(A) Brush Length
(B) Overall Trim
(C) Brush Filling Type
(D) Metal Channel Size
(E) Channel Material
(F) Bristle Density

Product properties of  weather seal brush,Weather Stripping
-Capable of effectively preventing water, air, dust, reptiles, noise and smoke from invading.
-Best waterproof performance after silicified.
-Best anti-ultraviolet performance after ultraviolet radiation
-Best performance of wear resistance, ozone resistance and biological attack resistance
-Low friction, small locking force
-Compatible with materials of doors and windows.
-Self-sticking type, convenient and simple to install.

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